Shemsa Jamaya - Start implementation end of 2014

click in picture for google earth link Location of Shemsa Jamaya (rural Ethiopia)

The location of Shemsa Jamaya is about 3,5 km away from our existing site in Jamaya. This is an ideal distance to provide redundant services in case Jamaya or Shemsa Jemaya might face some problems.


The site has been selected by the local governement and local communities since it is right next to an existing school with over 1.000 !! students from age 5 to 15.

Major challenges

From over 5 years experience in that area we know the three fundamental problems: Lack of drinking water, missing sanitation, unreliable food production ...
... but also from our 3 years operational experience we think we have found the solutions developed in our existing location Afto...

Using solar panels as the only energy source for our deep well pumping systems, solar panels to charge mobile phones and other appliances, recycling waste water for direct reuse using constructed wetlands for shower, laundry and toilet flush we now also produce food in a sustainable way. We create and keep value within the communities without "bleeding" it for fossil fuels or external fertilisers.

Sustainable Technologies - Sustainable Operational Model

With our new co donor we can now start to duplicate the next generation (lessons learned from existing installations in Afto, Jamaya, Biramora Kamo) Water & Energy kiosk, WaSH installations, sustainable food production for the benefits of the school, local communities and neighbours.


Overall we expect 20.000 people to benefit from our planned installation end of 2014.

Planned installation providing water, energy, sanitation and food for the whole community
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