Jamaya - Solar well operational since 2011

GPS: 7°26'59.09"N 38°0'36.65"E

Jamaya is only about 3 km away from Afto. We have deliberatly choosen this (short) distance from our core site in Afto for a number of different reason. First of all it is within walking distance from our Afto training and evaluation site to provide quick service & maintenance. The other key reason is redundancy. We prefer having a larger number of "smaller" systems compare to small number of large system. If one of the wells fail for whatever reason the other well is still within reach of local people.

Operation & Maintenance

Mulugeta interviews local (happy) water vendor

Operation & Maintenance is a major issue. We have learned from our initial evaluation of the local site that many other wells are not operational shortly after they have been installed. Checking on why this is the case we have learned that a professional "caretaker" is missing. In our case we have asked SMART to be the professional caretaker. Due to their local NGO status they can sell water & energy on their own behalf. On the other hand it means that if the well is non functional they have no revenues to continue their "business". Therefore their own motivation is in line with the local beneficiaries. For us as donors of hardware it means we receive ongoing financial reports. On top we check ourselves regularly and speak to the local people.


Status as of February 2014

Status as of July 2014

Status as of December 2014

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