Biramora Kamo

GPS of Biramora Kamo: 7°34'21.62"N 38°2'29.59"E

Based on a proven approach in developing new solar well sites we have received the request from the government via SMART to drill a new borehole in Biramora Kamo, to install a solar powered well pump and for SMART to operate this new well. We are very happy, that this remote area is served with clear and safe drinking water. In January 2014 the well was inaugurated and is running since than.

With our partner Caritas Trier we have teamed up for the funding of developing the completely new site with a solar powered well. As usual Antonia Ruut Stiftung (ARS) wass responsible for the design and implementation and SMART for the operation & maintenance. By sharing this project with Caritas we could make sure that 100% of Caritas funds are directly spend on this project - no overheads go towards SMART or ARS.

Due to Caritas we could extend our solar well network and provide over 5.000 addtional people with clean drinking water. For the first time in their life they have access all year round to potable water.


Based on a positive hydrogeological pre study we wanted to start drilling very quickly. However, the 2013 rainy season was really bad in terms of too much rain and too long rainy season. We received ongoing reports from all concerned bodies on the situation saying that the river that we had to cross with the drilling rig was too dangerous and we had to wait until the river flow reduces substantially. Finally in December 2013 we have received the go ahead. So we wanted to see ourselves personally and did a video interview with the Kebele boss (local area boss) that confirmed the problems. 

End of December 2013 finally the weather situation allowed us to send the drilling rig into this remote area. The well location is really remote and far away from any asphalt or gravel roads. Such heavy trucks cannot enter the site unless the local community helped us free of charge to clear the way to the drilling site and worked all together in taking care of any obstacles.

Status as of February 2014

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