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site of ARS’s pilot solar well installation, has become the de facto “test, evaluation, and training centre”. Considerable time was invested in working with local resources, including residents, to evaluate needs and plan/prepare for project implementation/extensions. From day one, emphasis was placed on creating a successful model with a track record for replication.

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A second solar-powered well was installed in Jemaya, which is approximately 3 kilometers from the Afto pilot project. Jemaya’s CORE has been operating as planned since commissioning in 2011. As improvements (technical/management/maintenance) are developed and tested at Afto, they are applied at Jemaya’s CORE. Current plans are to upgrade Jemaya’s CORE to a Distributed Services HUB in 2014. Since the technology, management systems, and maintenance procedures are the same, the learning curve is improved with each installation.

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Biramo Kamo


ARS is pleased to announce installation of the third CORE in Biramo Kamo village in 2013 with co-financing of other donors. Co-sponsorship benefits the local population, as well as Caritas, since 100% of their co-financing is applied toward direct installation costs with zero indirect or overhead charges for ARS or SMART (local NGO managing partner) services.

This co-sponsorship arrangement is available to other interested parties/partners.

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Shemsa Gimbichu...


The planned fourth installation site (possibly co funded) presents a unique challenge. Due to potable water shortage, in 2009 the Shemsa Gimbichu local government administration installed a borehole and gravity fed water distribution system to supply four water-points. The system operated successfully until the diesel powered generator malfunctioned in 2012. Lack of funds for repair and rehabilitation forced residents to once again fetch water from a nearby polluted river. This unfortunate situation has once again increased water borne diseases, and placed severe burdens on family finances and limited livelihood activities. ARS installations are reliable and financially viable since cost of diesel fuel is eliminated, and high maintenance diesel powered equipment is replaced with PV panels and solar-powered pumps.

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