Without the support of our many partners we would never have been able to implement such a complex project successfully.


This is Mulugeta Sedoro, the main person responsible from the local non-governmental organization (NGO) called SMART. SMART stands forSustainable Management of Alternative and Renewable Technologies. SMART is not only responsible for the correct implementation. Almost more important than this is the professional operation of such solutions. SMART serves as a "Caretaker" and gives us regular reports on the state of the facilities. 

Contact SMART: mulugetasedore(at)


Our responsibilities and obligations towards others make us emphasise on a comprehensive documentation of the financial status. Since the kiosk generates revenues of different kinds (expenses as well), we can monitor the revenues and expenditures on a daily(!) basis and check 1) whether the wells are still running, 2) how much water & energy & WaSH (later Permaculture) was sold exactly, 3) what was spent on the operation & maintenance and other NGO expenses. (The picture below shows the actual revenues achieved for the two existing locations (Afto, Jamaya).


incl. water, energy and WaSH Well turnover since inception Dec 2011

Phartec Krause (Company name of our technical support)
Carsten Krause from Germany along with Antonia Ruut Foundation spent a lot of time developing this sustainable concept and technically implementing it with local construction experts successfully. He made sure that the initial installation have been implemented to the highest standards to set a benchmark for the local staff to continue. Electrical and hydraulical installations, the right selection of material and the teaching of local staff coming from different technical background was one of the main challenges we had to overcome. Based on his successful installations further duplications and extensions will be perfomed by local Ethiopians.

Lorentz solar pumps
We have built the wells in Ethiopia using the solar tracker, solar panels and the solar pumps from the company Lorentz in Germany, which specializes in solar pumps.


We have deliberately opted for brand quality of this core component. For over a year no maintenance of these components was necessary. That is why we and the local people are very satisfied with these components. Therefore we have started a strategic partnership with Lorentz for the other upcoming solar pumping systems in 2013.

Background to Lorentz: The BERNT LORENTZ GmbH & Co. KG specializes in solar powered pumping systems and is one of the leading manufacturers. Founded in 1993 in Hamburg, Lorentz now employs around 150 people and operates in over 100 countries. It provides on-site a customer-driven and service-oriented support with its own distributors responsible for the correct installation and maintenance.

Gregor Schick, Peter Mischo, Oliver Kopsch, Peet Hoffenbach (from left)

Antonia Ruut Stiftung (ARS)

ARS has been involved since 2009 in developing this new approach for truly sustainable funding. From the first project request from Ethiopia to the status we witness now it took us almost four years of planning, evaluation, testing, reviewing, travelling, sweating, heated discussions etc. . Without the support of so many people within and outside our ARS foundation we could never have achieved what we are so proud of now. Thanks to all of you and be aware: Lots more to come!

Marcus Hübner (ARS) during local inauguration ceremony
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